Inside the Rehearsals of…Don Carlos

Rehearsal images have been released for the Exeter Northcott, Nuffield Southampton Theatres and Rose Theatre Kingston co-production of Schiller’s Don Carlos. Here’s a glimpse of what has been happening…

Actor head shots
Alexandra Dowling and Tom Burke (c)Alison Baskerville.

Directed by Gadi Roll, this new revival of Schiller’s Don Carlos will visit Exeter Northcott Theatre (11th-20th October), NST City Southampton (23rd October- 3rd November) and the Rose Theatre Kingston (6th-17th November).

Darell D'Silva (Phillip) and Vinta Morgan (Alba) - (c) Alison Baskerville.JPG
Darell D’Silva and Vinta Morgan (c)Alison Baskerville.

Don Carlos is torn apart when his tyrannical father King Philip II seals a peace deal by marrying French noble Elizabeth de Valois, the love of Carlos’ life. The heartbroken heir turns for help to his closest friend, Rodrigo, Marquis of Posa, a champion of the oppressed, who questions the monarch’s iron rule and becomes an unlikely power broker in the duplicitous court.

Actor head shots
(c) Alison Baskervillle.

The cast of the production includes: Tom Burke (Rodrigo, Marquis of Posa), Alexandra Dowling (Eboli), Darrell D’Silva (Philip), Kelly Gough (Elizabeth), Jason Morell (Domingo), Vinta Morgan (Alba), Samuel Valentine (Don Carlos), Stephen Ventura (Lerma) Flip Webster (Duchess), with Alexander Allin, Dan Ball, Guy Dennys and Euan Shanahan completing the company’s ensemble.

Stephen Ventura (Lerma) and Flip Webster (Duchess)- (c) Alison Baskerville.JPG
(c)Alison Baskerville

Meanwhile, the production will feature set and costume design by Rosanna Vize, lighting design by Jonathan Samuels and a translation of Friedrich Schiller’s original play by Robert David MacDonald.

Actor head shots
(c)Alison Baskerville. 

Don Carlos will play at the Rose Theatre from the 6th to the 17th November. For more information visit:

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