Review Round Up: The Woods, Royal Court Theatre

Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews for Lucy Morrison’s production now playing at the Royal Court Theatre. 

The Woods

The Stage: *** “The Woods is arguably worth catching for the production alone, though. Morrison’s staging is wonderfully atmospheric – and Sharp and Mothersdale are both on top form. A overwhelming production of an underwhelming play.”

WhatsOnStage: ** “With a few minor tweaks to keep its hand better concealed, The Woodswould spring rather well and the notion of motherhood as a dystopian fairytale is sharp and unsettling. Were it not so scuppered, Lucy Morrison’s febrile production would be fraughtly atmospheric and Sharp gives a frantic, agonised performance alongside Mothersole’s slippery mix of comedy and creepiness.”

Broadway World: *** “The acting is outstanding, but the production is let down by the play itself – it can be frustrating at times.”

The Upcoming: ** “One of the ways the production’s façade slips is through accents, a Southern twang trickling into the Queen’s English. Yet this raises a sort of unpleasant class dynamic that is never explored, where a seemingly well-to-do English women’s mental hell manifests itself as the poverty of someone in America’s Deep South.”

Time Out: **** “Morrison’s production is intense, macabre, funny. It’s also – crucially – a tender thing. And it’s stalked by great performers, whose focus didn’t waver, even after an alarm went off and everyone had to be evacuated. As if the play weren’t generating quite enough tension of its own. ”

Exeunt Magazine: “Lucy Morrison’s production is grim, constantly breaking away from any grip you feel you might have on it, which suits Evans’ play well.”

Evening Standard: ** “This piece could, potentially, have worked well as a sensory experience in the realm of nightmare, of post-partum psychosis perhaps, but as it stands Lucy Morrison’s production is all too easy to zone out of. A pity.”

The Times: ** “Still, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything quite so slow to give up its secrets as this new play by Robert Alan Evans. More importantly, despite a stunning lead performance by Lesley Sharp, a wonderful woodland design by Naomi Dawson and a thoroughly atmospheric production by Lucy Morrison, I’m not sure I was ever made to care.”

British Theatre Guide: “In the first stages of a lively and deeply unsettling production directed by Lucy Morrison, The Woodsappears to be one of those ubiquitous, grim post-apocalyptic dramas that always seem to be popping up in new writing theatres.”

The Woods continues to play at the Royal Court Theatre until the 20th October. For more information visit:

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