Review Round Up: Misty, Trafalgar Studios

Transferring to the Traflagar Studios from the Bush Theatre where it played earlier this year, Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews for the show’s latest run… 


The Reviews Hub: **** “There are no pigeon holes into which Misty would slot, no single words or phrases that can describe it. Kene could be a force for greater understanding or a force for change, but let’s just settle for calling him a force of nature.”

Rewrite This Story: ***** “Misty is unique, theatrical perfection, written and performed by a master of his craft. This show needs to be seen and experienced. Don’t miss it.”

WhatsOnStage: **** “Where occasionally the piece tries to cram too much in, never settling long enough on its many ideas it is nevertheless clever, affecting and truthful work. And Kene’s no doubt a name we’ll be seeing much, much more of in the future.”

London Theatre1: ***** “A raw, powerful and memorable production.” **** “For me, Misty an eye-opener, but admittedly,  Misty isn’t for me. It’s a voice and an outlet for people who feel wrongly-represented by mainstream London culture, as it’s snatched away from them. Kene doesn’t provide any answers, except for “chastise them”, but he will make people sit up and listen.”

Time Out: **** “Kene’s explication of gentrification is heavy-handed, and the coffee-shop satire feels old-hat. Attacking arty hipsters lends a frisson when they make up half the audience, but isn’t it a cheap shot in a show explicitly arguing against sweeping stereotyping?”

The Telegraph: **** “As much bumbling clown as muscular force to be reckoned with, by turns endearing and commanding, Kene keeps you guessing where he’s going next, daring to let things trail off, shifting tempo.”

The Upcoming: “With so much soul and frustration bubbling through it, this show is as unbearably taut as those orange balloons.”

Misty continues to play at the Trafalgar Studios until the17th November. To book tickets click here or visit  ATG Tickets.



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