Review Round Up: Lethal White by Robert Galbraith

Cormoran Strike is back with a brand new mystery to solve in Robert Galbraith’s fourth outing for the detective. Here’s what critics have been making of it… 

lethal White

The Week:  ” It is complicated, incomplete, and sometimes, a little confusing. It takes the duo on a journey through London, rural England, and the Parliament. Is it perfect? No book is. But is it satisfying? Can it be anything else?”

The Guardian: “the Galbraith/Rowling persona does make for highly inventive storytelling and there is much here for mystery fans to enjoy. So many twists, turns, false leads and red herrings: seldom has a denouement been more worthy of its original meaning, literally the “unknotting”.”

The Telegraph: *** “There is a great deal to enjoy and admire here, but it does seem as if the busy cultural icon JK Rowling has taken the Pascal’s letter approach and written a long book because she didn’t have time to write a short one.”

Kirkus Reviews: “The mystery itself is complex, which is good, verging on convoluted, which is not. There are pleasures to be had, as in Rowling’s jokes on her uber-posh characters: “ ‘Steady on, old chap,’ said [Chiswell’s son-in-law], something that Robin had never thought to hear outside a book.” But there’s way too much filler in between.”

The NY Times: “a big, stuffed-to-the-brim, complicated bouillabaisse of a book.”

Herald Scotland: “Lethal White is the longest Cormoran Strike novel so far, and yet doesn’t feel overstuffed, meandering or verbose – more like a confidently-written, well-paced character-driven detective story that takes its time to come to the boil.”

The Scotsman: “This is, in many ways, a perfectly adequate novel. It was not a chore to read it, even if it was 200 pages longer than it ought to have been.”

Evening Standard: “Do yourself a favour and wait for the inevitable telly adaptation.”

Lethal White is available to buy now


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