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The actress spoke to Love London Love Culture’s Emma Clarendon about Three Sat Under the Banyan Tree, based on The Panchatantra – India’s Aesop’s Fables. 

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(c)Michael Wharely and Rebecca Pitt. 

Hi Rose-Marie thanks so much for talking to me. Could you tell me about your character Jayaben? Jayaben is the youngest of the three children with a fierce spirit about her . Although she looks for protection from her older siblings there is a determination and a force of fire that dwells within her. She unknowingly has a lot of wisdom and brings everyone together through her childlike wonderment. Her bravery and straightforward talking helps the three keep on the right path. She is a pleasure to play. 

What was it about the story that made you want to be involved? It was the beauty that we all at one point in our lives have faced the issues that these three children are facing . The fact that I could see parts of my younger self within the story made it feel quite personal to me and I believe that if a story feels true to you then that’s the best way to tell it. 

Have you a favourite moment or element of the show? For me there are so many magical movements but I have to admit that I love the interactions between the three children and the God Garuda as there is such a sense of awe within the scenes . You also get to see the children’s playfulness and squabbles which is always fun. 

What can audiences expect from the production? They can expect to be taken into enchanting worlds within each story, to be amused with the larger than life characters and to journey across the animal kingdom, all from the comfort of their seat . 

What do you think will appeal most to what young audiences about the show? I think the larger than life characters within the animal stories will be a huge hit with young audiences . The playfulness and sheer innocence of them will be relatable to many children and hopefully they will see parts of themselves within the characters. Also I think they will be blown away with the beauty of the masks, I know I was. 

By Emma Clarendon 

Three Sat Under the Banyan Tree will continue to play at the Polka Theatre until the 21st October. For more information visit:

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