First Look at…Mrs Dalloway at the Arcola Theatre

Production images have been released for Thomas Bailey’s production of Mrs Dalloway which officially opens at the Arcola Theatre this evening (1st October). Here’s a glimpse of what to expect… 

Clare Lawrence Moody (Sally) and Clare Perkins (Clarissa) (c) Ollie Grove
(c) Ollie Grove.

On a single day in 1920s London, Clarissa Dalloway prepares to throw a party for her high-society friends.

On the same day, in the same city, First World War veteran Septimus Warren Smith seeks help from the ruling class that Clarissa entertains.

Newly adapted for the stage by Hal Coase, Forward Arena presents Virginia Woolf’s classic tale in this new production directed by Thomas Bailey.

Sean Jackon (Peter), Clare Lawrence Moody (Sally) and Guy Rhys (Septimus) and Emma Darcy (Rezia) (c) Ollie Grove.jpg
(c) Ollie Grove.

The production stars Emma D’Arcy as Rezia, Sean Jackson as Peter, Clare Lawrence Moody as Sally, Clare Perkins as Clarissa and Guy Rhys as Septimus.

Guy Rhys (Septimus) and Sean Jackson (Peter) (c) Ollie Grove.jpg
(c) Ollie Grove. 

Meanwhile, the creative team for the production includes designs by Emma D’Arcy, costume design by Louie Whitemore, lighting by Joe Price, and sound by Tom Stafford.

Sean Jackson (Peter) and Emma D'arcy (Rezia) (c) Ollie Grove.jpg
(c)Ollie Grove. 

Mrs Dalloway continues to play at the Arcola Theatre until the 20th October. For more information visit:

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