Review Round Up: A Star is Born

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper star in this updated version of the tragic love story. Here’s what the critics have been saying about it…

The Guardian: ***** “Cooper is arguably prettier than Lady Gaga, but she is the one who commands your attention: that sharp, quizzical, leonine, mesmeric face – an uningratiating face, very different from the wide-eyed openness of Streisand or Garland. (Weirdly, she rather more resembles Marta Heflin, playing the groupie-slash-interviewer who went to bed with Kristofferson in ’76.) Her songs are gorgeous and the ingenuous openness of her scenes with Jackson are wonderfully sympathetic.”

The New York Times: “Part of what’s exciting about this “A Star Is Born” is that Mr. Cooper knows he’s telling one of the defining Hollywood stories and has given the movie the polish and scale it merits.”

Rolling Stone: **** 1/2 “The director’s gut-level commitment to the material comes through, even when the film tips dangerously into shallow sentiment. It helps immeasurably that the songs Cooper and Gaga wrote in tandem with other musicians, including Mark Ronson, Jason Isbell and Lukas Nelson 
(Willie’s talented son), give a real-deal urgency to this tragic love story.”

Consequence of Sound: “A Star is Born is refreshingly unsentimental about what a come-up in the entertainment industry looks like, and while Jackson occasionally begins to read like a Walk Hard-level caricature of a troubled artist, the film carries itself knowingly when it comes to lingering over the things people force themselves to do, just for the sake of maintaining comfortable illusions.” “this is A Star Is Born for an era in which alcoholism is a “disease,” and unless Maine is at least partly a heel — a jealous sonuvabitch — the story has no melodramatic pulse.”

BBC: *** “It’s disappointing, but A Star Is Born does hit a couple of high notes. Most of the tracks in it are co-written by Gaga, and her final ballad is sure to get the best original song nomination at the Oscars that it is so obviously aiming for. Gaga may even get a best actress nod.”

The Telegraph: ***** “This is a musical for lovers and loathers of the genre alike: deluxe studio entertainment like they used to make.”

The Independent: *** “This isn’t just a film about celebrity, ambition and destruction. It is also a love story. Cooper and Lady Gaga bring an impressive intimacy and tenderness to their scenes together.”

The Wrap: “never shies away from big emotions or stirring romance, mixing old-Hollywood sweep with modern-day sophistication. Between Bradley Cooper (as a filmmaker) and Lady Gaga (as a big-screen lead), the title applies to both of them.”

Den of Geek: ***** “A Star Is Born is an old-fashioned crowd pleaser made with modern pizazz and fresh eyes, and more than anything it just wants to show you a good time at the movies.”

Digital Spy: **** “A Star is Born might not be the life-changing movie that one very early and eager review claimed it to be, but with a winning combination of humour and heartbreak, Lady Gaga’s most important project in years certainly brings her closer than ever to glory.”

Culture Whisper: **** “As a director, Cooper plays to his strengths as a great advocate for the intensity of melodrama. By casting himself as the reckless and impulsive superstar Jackson Maine, he falls slightly into the trap of imbuing fiction with a touch too much ego, but it does pay off.”

Express: **** “This film grapples with fame, family, integrity, love and sacrifice. It succeed emphatically in conveying the overwhelming love its two central characters feel.”

A Star is Born is released in cinemas on the 5th October. 








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