NEWS: Cast Announced for Cuckoo at the Soho Theatre

Casting has been announced for the upcoming production of Lisa Carroll’s debut play, coming to the Soho Theatre from the 13th November. 

Cuckoo Cast, Soho Theatre

Debbie Hannan’s production is set to star: Catriona Ennis as loud-mouthed Iona  and joining her as Pingu, Iona’s silent tuxedowearing, non-binary best friend, will be Elise Heaven who also identifies as non-binary. Also joining the company are Colin Campbell  as Pockets, Sade Malone  as Toller and in his professional stage debut Peter Newington will star as Trix.

Everyone hates Iona. Everyone except Pingu. Fitting in is hard when one of you can’t shut up and your silent best friend wears a tuxedo to school every day. Sick of the ceaseless bullying and despair, Iona and Pingu decide to get the fuck out of Dublin.

Turns out that emigrating is a great way to get noticed by the cool kids. Loving the attention, Iona is drunk on her new-found popularity until she discovers she’s messed with the wrong crowd. In a world where reputation must be defended tooth and nail, this can only end in disaster for all involved.

Talking about the production Debbie Hannan said:  It’s about teenage cruelty and friendships, and where those two things cross over. These brash and bright characters riotously, hilariously and often violently lash out to make their mark – on Crumlin, the world, and each other. I’m thrilled to be directing this quick-witted, feisty production, which lands us in their thumping, vivid world, whether we like it or not.”

Produced by Metal Rabbit Productions, the production is set to feature designs by Basia Binkowska.

Cuckoo will play at the Soho Theatre from the 13th November until the 8th December. For more information visit:

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