Review Round Up: Mythic, Charing Cross Theatre

This new pop/rock musical by Marcus Stevens and Oran Eldor has officially opened at the Charing Cross Theatre. Here, Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews…

Mythic Genevieve McCarthy (Aphrodite) and Michael Mathert (Hades)
(c)Marc Brenner. 

Musical Manda: *** “Mythic may not be a show you’ll leave singing along to and there are some less than great songs but overall the show feels fresh and new and this is reflected in the clever music and lyrics.”

WhatsOnStage: **** “It’s an incredibly cohesive production, with enough references to ancient Greece to keep it grounded in parody – the music is uplifting and captures the party atmosphere of the reimagined Olympia really well.”

Broadway World: ***** “With O’Gleby’s contributions, Stevens and Eldor create a musical that’s definitely story-lead but with enough focus on the music that feels swift.”

London Theatre1: ****  “highly entertaining and utterly charming musical”

MYTHIC Genevieve McCarthy (Aphrodite) Photo Marc Brenner
(c)Marc Brenner. 

The Stage:**** “Everything is well judged. Everything works. From Sarah O’Gleby’s just-lively-enough direction and choreography to the set, the lights, the score, the band. From the top of Olympus to the depths of Hades. It’s heavenly.”

Theatre Weekly: ***** “The musical is funny and witty, heart-warming and enjoyable.”

The Reviews Hub: ** “Interpreting classic mythology in the style of an American High School musical, the show moves very awkwardly between Greece and Grease and only the high-spirited, tongue-in-cheek production that it gets here saves it from immediate consignment to the Underworld.”

The Upcoming: *** “This new musical is unlikely to become a West End legend overnight. However, it shows plenty of promise from Stevens, who has made a wacky idea on paper work. With even a few touches of raw emotion, it’s more of a heavenly than hellish experience.”

MYTHIC Michael Mather (Hades) and cast Photo Marc Brenner
(c) Marc Brenner. 

West End Wilma: ***** “The show has very basic staging but makes clever use of lighting to differentiate between Demeter’s world, The Acropolis, Olympus and The Underworld. The costumes are “deity does punk” and are extremely effective at echoing the narrative.”

Musical Theatre Review: ***** “Don’t expect some ardent modern retelling of the myth. It’s a romp, almost Carry On at times. And better for it.”

British Theatre Guide: “Like the original myth, this story can carry a message but it its aimed at giving its audience a good time. Marcus Steven’s lyrics (when you can hear them) are light-hearted and often funny and Oran Eldor’s score carries you with it, though not instantly hummable. This is a non-stop ninety minutes that would be nonsensical if it weren’t done with such conviction.”

London Theatre Reviews: ** 1/2 “A lot of potential is hidden in the dialogues and the movements of the protagonists, that it feels a real pity for some of the very good musical arrangements and for the intriguing narrative. The costumes and settings are sleek, and memorable are the powerful voices of Danielle Bowen (Demeter) and Tim Oxbrow (Zeus).”

There Ought to be Clowns: “O’Gleby’s production is also beautifully designed by Lee Newby with its classic lines of drifting fabric, and lit with a clean grace by Jamie Platt. It really does the trick of just being entertaining good fun.”

Mythic continues to play at Charing Cross Theatre until the 24th November. Book tickets here:

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