Review Round Up: Company, Gielgud Theatre

Rosalie Craig stars in this new production of Stephen Sondheim’s musical, directed by Marianne Elliott. Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews….


Rewrite This Story: **** “Company is a show for a 2018 audience. Well directed with boat loads of humour and an equal amount of subtlety, its opens up the question of whether marriage is for everyone and prompts us to examine our own choices.”

WhatsOnStage: ***** “There is so much to admire and like in this richly inventive production that confirms Elliott as one of our best directors and Company as a great musical.” ***** “an absolutely genius production.”

The Telegraph: ***** “Marianne Elliott’s re-imagining of Stephen Sondheim’s landmark experimental 1970 musical (with skittish book by George Furth) reboots a modern classic for the Tinder age. It’s sensational.”

Talk Stagey To Me: “This version of Company is the definitive version for 2018. Ingeniously directed and performed with humour and nuance, it makes the argument both for marriage and against it, and leaves the audience to imagine what is best for Bobbie, and by extension, what is best for themselves.”

London ***** “this version is both a departure into new territory and a stunning reaffirmation of its brilliance.”

The Stage: ***** ” Elliott has managed to take a 48-year-old musical that spoke to its time and made it speak precisely to us, now. Stephen Sondheim and Marianne Elliott unite for an astonishing reinvention of a classic musical.”

Time Out: ***** “Elliott’s production brilliantly underscores the existential nature of Sondheim’s lyrics and George Furth’s book.”

The Guardian: **** ” my only reservation about an exhilarating evening is that the musical, in Marianne Elliott’s production, has lost some of its specific Manhattan identity.”

The Times: **** “Gender-bending musical revival is singularly glorious.”

Monstagigz: “Company turns 50 in 2020 and the biggest compliment we can pay this inventive reimagining with a female Bobbi is that it works so well that it’s hard to imagine with a male lead.”

London Box Office: ***** ” This is a five star, gold plated hit that looks bound for award winning glory here and on Broadway.”

British Theatre Guide: “this is a highly enjoyable experience and should prove to be a great success for tyro producers Elliott and Harper Productions, not to mention Rosalie Craig who combines top-quality acting and singing in an unforgettable performance.”

British ***** “Marianne Elliott has created a once in a lifetime Company and we can only hope it will be around for longer than the exceptionally short season that seems to be proposed. Can we have a cast album please?”

Londonist: ***** “It’s an electrifying modernisation of what was already a pretty ground-breaking musical, but it‘s also now Sex and the City with songs.”

The Spy in the Stalls: ***** “Sondheim’s musical and Elliott’s production is a perfect match.”

The Upcoming: ***** “Elliott emphasises the patriarchal trap women find themselves in. And in doing so, she just might have improved on God’s work.”

iNews: ***** “Craig is a terrific actor, vocally flawless and funny, too – her little grunt of despair as the scene flashes back to her birthday party at the end is perfectly pitched.”

Musical Theatre Review: ***** “It is all done so seamlessly in this polished, almost perfect production that every scene comes up natural and fresh. The sets, with separate fluorescently-lit square and rectangular boxes, are a creation Bunny Christie can be proud of and the 15-strong orchestra under conductor Joel Fram perched high above the stage is right on the money. Choreography is in the hands of Liam Steel.”

London Theatre1: ***** “The show is an absolute delight and will wow audiences to the end of its run: – which means one thing is certain – if you can get to the Gielgud to see it, you will be in good company.”

Company continues to play at the Gielgud Theatre until the 30th March 2019. To book tickets visit:






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