Interview With… Melinda Hughes

The singer spoke to Love London Love Culture’s Emma Clarendon about her Pizza Express Live monthly shows starting on the 23rd October. 

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Thanks so much for talking to me. How excited are you about bringing your show to PizzaExpress Live in Holborn and The Pheasantry in Chelsea?  I’m very excited to be presenting a brand new show which is not only topical and funny, but musical with a variety of acts from the cabaret and comedy world. This means there will be something for everyone!

What can audiences expect from the shows? Some outrageous musical comedy (which you wouldn’t be able to get away with on TV) We have an appearance from the two Russian hitmen and Melania Trump! We have songs about online trolling, the #metoo movement from the point of view from a sex pest Cowboy as well as hilarious songs from comic genius accordionist Martin who is quite avant-garde and off the wall.

What do you love the most about performing for audiences?  I love watching people laugh – to see their reactions, especially if it’s a new song. I also enjoy the fun we have on stage which is very much felt in the audience. It’s always a good time.

For those who have never seen you performing live why should they come along and see the show? They should come for some great music, a great fun atmosphere and for an evening that’s packed with a variety of acts and up-to-the-minute, cleverly written satire.

What else have you got happening at the moment that people should know about? I curate and present the musical season at The Chelsea Arts Club and at The Cobblers Live Festival in Barbados. I also have some classical concerts and private performances coming up between now and Christmas. I’m also working on expanding my show MARGO about the Weimar Cabaret singer Margo Lion which ran at the Edinburgh Fringe this year.

By Emma Clarendon

Melinda Hughes: The Satirical Diva presents Tasty Tuesdays at PizzaExpress Live from 23rd October at 8.30pm. For tickets go to:

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