Five Minutes With…Emily Tucker

Love London Love Culture’s Emma Clarendon spoke to Emily Tucker about starring in the All-female Much Ado About Nothing at the Watford Palace Theatre. 

What can audiences expect from this production of Much Ado About Nothing? A story with both laughter and tragedy, led by an amazing cast of women against the backdrop of WW2, and a pinch of Dad’s Army too.

What do you think that by having an all-female cast can add to this particular play? It made me listen to the play in a very different way. It really highlights the savage nature in which the men turn on Hero, but equally showed that this play is about the human choices (and mistakes) we make, and how we deal with them.

What was it about this interpretation of Much Ado About Nothing that made you want to be involved?  The all-female Company was a huge draw for me as I’ve never experienced that before, and I love the setting in the 1940s that links in with the theatre’s own history. Not to mention Beatrice has been on my bucket-list for about ten years.

How would you describe Beatrice?  A big heart, strong mind and fiercely witty. A feminist for sure. She would be at the forefront of all the campaigns for equality in 2018.

How has it been working with Brigid Larmour? I’ve never worked with her before so didn’t know what to expect! More than anything she has let the text sing out, which for an actor can be quite scary, until you realise it’s the biggest gift. It’s been a joy to rehearse with her.

By Emma Clarendon

Much Ado About Nothing continues to play at the Watford Palace Theatre until the 27th October. For more information visit:

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