Inside the Rehearsals of…Billionaire Boy, Nuffield Southampton Theatres

This brand new musical adaptation of the book by David Walliams will play at the Nuffield Southampton Theatres from the 28th November until the 6th January before touring. 

Billionaire Boy at NST. Dean Nolan (Len Spud), Sophia Nomvete (Bob's mum (Gwen)). Credit Manuel Harlan
(c) Manuel Harlan. 

One-day factory worker Len Spud invents a new loo roll “Bum Fresh – wet on one side, dry on the other”. The wiping-wonder is an instant hit. Len, and his son Joe, become overnight billionaires, turning their lives upside down.

Whilst Mr Spud spends, spends, spends on fast cars, 100-inch TVs, and lavish gifts for his glamorous new girlfriend, Sapphire Stone, Joe is left to fend for himself.

In the unforgiving world of the school playground, things are about to get more complicated. With his new best friend, Bob, at his side, Joe navigates an assult course of school bullies and dangerously inedible canteen food. To make matters worse, is the impossibly pretty new girl Lauren all that she appears to be?

Billionaire Boy at NST. Jared Leathwood (Dave Grubb), Ryan Heenan (Joe Spud), Sophia Nomvete (Gwen), Eleanor Kane (Lauren), Lem Knights (Bob), Natalie Morgan (Sue Grubb). Credit Manuel Harlan
(c)Manuel Harlan. 

Based on David Walliams children’s book and adapted for the stage by Jon Brittain (Rotterdam), this brand new musical features music by  Miranda Cooper and Nick Coler and is directed by Luke Sheppard.

Billionaire Boy at NST. Natalie Morgan (Sue Grubb), Jared Leathwood (Dave Grubb), Lem Knights (Bob). Credit Manuel Harlan
(c)Manuel Harlan. 

Meanwhile, the cast for the production includes:  Teddy Clements, Ryan Heenan as Joe Spud, Avita Jay as Sapphire, Eleanor Kane as Lauren, Lem Knights as Bob, Jared Leathwood as Dave Grubb, Natalie Morgan as Sue Grubb, Daisy Noir as drummer, Dean Nolan as Len Spud and Sophia Nomvete as Bob’s Mum.

Billionaire Boy at NST. Ryan Hennan (Joe Spud), Lem Knights (Bob). Credit Manuel Harlan.
(c)Manuel Harlan. 

The creative team for the production includes: musical supervision and co-orchestration by Ben Holder, set and costume design by Gabriella Slade, lighting design by Nic Farman, sound design by Paul Gatehouse and choreography by Tom Jackson Greaves.

Billionaire Boy will play at the Nuffield Southampton Theatres from the 20th November until the 6th January before touring to Salford, Coventry and Cardiff.  



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