PREVIEW: Variant 31, Secret Location

It has been announced that the immersive theatrical experience will arrive in London next year. 

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Set to take place in a secret location in London, the immersive survival experience will allow audiences to answer the question ‘What would you do inside a horror movie?’. Putting the audience at the centre of the action, this unique experience requires a lot of bravery and rewards survival skills but also tests friendships and teamwork in a new way.

Get off the couch, leave the video game behind and star in your own story.

Do you have what it takes to stay alive?

Welcome to Toxico Technologies’ top-secret live demonstration of their latest weapon in modern warfare, ‘Variant 31’; a serum so powerful it allows the user to control death itself.

The demonstration goes horribly awry and turmoil ensues as reanimated cadavers go on the warpath. Their sole mission is to hunt and destroy the invading enemy… you.

Do you have the skills and the stamina to overcome an array of terrifying creatures, and make it out alive? Or will the sheer terror be too much to handle….

Through out this 90 minute experience, the players will have to navigate their way through 25,000 square foot labyrinth in the heart of London’s West End. Once they are inside, the aim is to survive and escape. Utilising custom built state of the art wearable technology, players will be in full control of their journey: activate secret surprises, accrue points, unlock hidden levels, encounter one-on-one actor experiences and in-game advantages all with a swipe of your wrist. The more you seek, the more you find.

The show will feature  a cast of more than 100 highly trained professional actors, experienced in parkour, aerial acrobatics, stage combat, fire poi, and intense full contact performances.

Variant 31 is produced by  Dalton M. Dale for Big Dreamer Productions, Stephen McGill for McGill Productions and Oscar Blustin, in association with Rachel Kraftman Productions and Dahl Rasmussen of MDR Productions.

*Warning: This experience is only suitable for the brave and adventurous. The production utilizes strong language, simulated violence, actor nudity and is a high adrenaline, fast paced, full contact survival game. This experience is not meant for the faint of heart, expectant mothers, claustrophobic, asthmatic, or those suffering from recent surgery, trauma, phobias, heart conditions, PTSD or any other mental, physical, or medical afflictions. Enter at your own risk.*

Variant 31 will take place in a secret location in Central London from the 13th April 2019. For more information visit:

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