Review Round Up: Klimt/Schiele: Drawings from the Albertina Museum, Vienna, Royal Academy of Arts

This latest exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts offers a rare opportunity for the public to see the fragile drawings of Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele. Here’s what critics are making of the exhibition… 

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Gustav Klimt, Standing Female Nude (Study for The Three Gorgons; Beethoven Frieze), 1901
Black chalk on brown packing paper, 44.5 x 31.9 cm
The Albertina Museum, Vienna
Exhibition organised by the Royal Academy of Arts, London and the Albertina Museum, Vienna

The Guardian: ***** “The Royal Academy’s mix and mashup of drawings by Klimt, born in 1862, and his protege Schiele, born in 1890, is a surprising, enriching, rewarding comparison of two geniuses who influenced and supported each other and whose imaginations turn out to have much more in common than I thought.”

The Telegraph: ***** “This exhibition gives us a vivid glimpse of an essential cultural moment: one where the vogue for neurosis and self-obsession (this was, after all, the city of Freud) eerily mirrors the preoccupations of our own time. It inflects every line in this exhibition, taking us to the “growing pains” of modern culture.”

Evening Standard: **** “The show’s organisers don’t seem to have noticed that nothing much happens with the Klimt half. Even where a few drawings by him of models in the studio are gathered, the show fails to take off as anything to do with him. What is great about him, his patterns, his history-sampling, his elegant space dividing, is hardly sensed here.”

Time Out: **** “It’s all so intense, so beautiful, so powerful, so intimate. It’s an amazing show to lose yourself in, it’s just that you might need a shower after.”

The Times: **** “The nudes are far and away the most striking in a display that can be as entrancingly delicate as it is eye-poppingly frank.”

The Upcoming: **** “the works on view in this elegantly arranged show undoubtedly pack a punch: they evoke a spectrum of emotions and appeal to the breadth of human experience. The arrangement also highlights the context in which the two artists lived and died, effectively drawing out parallels and differences and exploring the impulses that made their approaches so radical.”

Culture Whisper: ***** “Austria’s two most famous artists succeeded in challenging expectation. One hundred years on, this intimate exhibition shows that they are as radical as ever.”

Klimt/Schiele: Drawings from the Albertina Museum, Vienna will be on display at the Royal Academy of Arts until the 3rd February 2019. For more information visit:

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