First Impressions of…Dumbo

A brand new trailer has been released for Tim Burton’s upcoming new version of Dumbo, set to be released in cinemas next year. Here’s a few of Love London Love Culture’s thoughts on it… 

It has to be said straight off that when I first heard that Tim Burton, who is more known for his dark interpretation of stories and films such as Beetlejuice, was directing this new version of Disney’s classic film ‘Dumbo’ – I was sceptical. Dumbo is essentially a very cute and sweet story about an elephant who is able to fly. How would Burton approach this story in his own unique way?

Now that the full length trailer has been released, you get a sense that perhaps on this occasion Burton will play it slightly safe – but will perhaps highlight further  the crueller and heart wrenching moments in the story to strong effect, glimpses of which this trailer offers.

Of course unlike the original Disney animation, there doesn’t seem to be any  reference made to the singing crows and there will be a lot more humans involved – with an interesting range of cast members such as Eva Green, Colin Farrell and Danny Devito to name a few.

In addition to this, the original animation film was one of Disney’s shortest created – so there will have to  be much more to the plot to add additional depth to the film and to keep the audiences fully engaged.

While it is interesting to see Disney reinventing their original films for newer audiences, it is also a shame that the company still seems to be overly dependant on their original stories for inspiration when it comes to new releases instead of new ideas that seemed to have been hinted at with the likes of Frozen, Moana, Zootopia and Coco in recent years.

However, what is guaranteed with this latest remake, judging by this trailer,  is stunning animation and plenty of heartfelt moments that will perhaps offer new insight into Dumbo’s story for a new audience.

By Emma Clarendon

Dumbo will be heading into cinemas from the 29th March 2019. 


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