Review Round Up: LM5 by Little Mix

Little Mix are back with a brand new album that includes the songs ‘Joan of Arc’ and ‘American Boy’. Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews here:

The Guardian: *** “Padded it may be, but the strike rate is high enough for LM5 to prolong Little Mix’s career even further, at least in Britain. What Americans will make of it is anyone’s guess. If they see imitation as the sincerest form of flattery, then they should be tickled pink.”

The Observer: *** “Little Mix albums have always struggled to find their own identity, and LM5still owes too much to Beyoncé’s flirtation with hip-hop and top-40 trend chasing. It’s frustrating, because songs like Love a Girl Right (which channels Ricky Martin, Sisqó and Mis-Teeq), the trip-hop of American Boy and Strip’s stomps of stilettos are weird wonders that prove Little Mix can be a formidable pop force.”

Who: “the girls have gone and delivered yet another exceptional album of sure-fire hits.”

Idolator: **** ” Low on filler and high on quality pop that bridges a variety of sounds, LM5 is easily one of Little Mix’s best releases to date.”

NME: *** “‘LM5’ is the culmination of the band’s growth over the past seven year. Yes it may sometimes musically miss the mark; but with its strong and relevant message it’s something of a milestone for the band.”

The Independent: *** “Ultimately, despite a few high points, LM5 is so scattershot, both thematically and musically, that it’s hard to find much to grab onto. As they’re so keen to point out, Little Mix can, and do, write their own material – but with as many as 13 songwriters on any given song here, their own identity becomes lost in the mire.”

Fierce Fabulous Revolution: “I believe that this album showcases the incredible vocals of Little Mix, as well as bringing us a variety of raw & emotional tracks. I believe that there is a song on this album for everybody & I know for a certain fact that I will be listening to this album for a very long while to come.”

The Times: *** “Little Mix’s fifth album is being presented as a bold new move into empowerment.”

Metro: **** “Little Mix’s fifth album, the perfectly named LM5, hangs together better than last year’s Glory Days but still ricochets wildly between styles. Some elements are pure Little Mix. Their lush harmonies permeate even the minimal half-rapped anthem Strip, which conflates taking make-up off with stripping. The message: you’re sexy just the way you are.”

LM5 is available to buy now.




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