REVIEW: The Greatest Snowman, Funicular Productions, Pedley Street Station

Love London Love Culture’s Emma Clarendon spent the evening getting into the festive spirit thanks to Funicular Productions latest dining and theatrical experience. 

(c) Arabella Itani 

Filled with delicious food and drink combined with a hint of festive magic, Funicular Production’s latest experience at the Pedley Street Station is a cosy and inviting way to get in the mood for Christmas – even if the story could have perhaps been developed further.

Stepping inside the train carriage for a delicious four course menu created by Louisa Ellis, this new experience was certainly a mouth-watering treat for guests onboard the Arctic Express. Along the way we found out more about the mysterious Ed Snow and help him rediscover his Christmas spirit in between courses including Caramelised Cauliflower Voulte, a three bird roast (or mushroom wellington) and poached pear and salted caramel ice cream.

(c)Arabella Itani 

All of the courses created especially for this festive experience by Louisa Ellis were filled with extraordinary flavours that left you wanting more, surprising the senses. In particular, the starter that combined varieties of Jerusalem artichoke, grilled globe artichoke and baby rocket was a real surprise for me (given the fact I don’t normally enjoy the taste of artichoke – filled with plenty of bite and flavours that combined well together.

Meanwhile, the amuse bouche made of caramelised cauliflower volute, crispy onions and yeast flakes slipped down easily, while the desert of poached pear and salted caramel ice cream proved to be the perfect way to finish the meal following the succulent three bird roast.

(c) Arabella Itani 

If there was only one element to the evening that was slightly disappointing it was in fact the story about the greatest snowman – which although filled with magical components (the projections in particular were stunning), it felt as though the story could have been extended further and feels slightly predictable. But it was still great fun to watch unfold and watch the guests reacting to what was happening, helped by the clear enthusiasm and energy of the cast.

(c) Arabella Itani. 

Following the adventures in the train, guests were taken through to a winter wonderland styled bar, where they could sample on deliciously imaginative and festive inspired cocktails such as the sweet and creamy Gingerbread Elf-Tini or the Sloe Buttercup Bubble. It was cosy and intimate place to chat and relax after the show – the perfect way to top off the evening.

While there were elements of the evening that could have been developed further, The Greatest Snowman is still a lovely way to get into the Christmas spirit – an entertaining and fun filled evening!

By Emma Clarendon 

The Greatest Snowman is taking place at the Pedley Street Station until the 23rd December. For more information visit:

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐










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