Review Round Up: Ralph Breaks the Internet

Is Disney’s sequel to Wreck-It-Ralph worth watching according to critics? Love London Love Culture finds out by rounding up the reviews…. 

The Guardian: ** “Ralph Breaks the Internet is facing a problem faced by every other film: we are all on the internet nowadays, and how on earth do you represent that on screen? People looking at their phones and tablets is a boring image. One answer is to go inside this hidden world, like Pixar’s Inside Out, but that had a strong connection with a real world where real things were at stake. This is different: essentially vacuous, provisional and dramatically low-octane. The internet has broken Ralph.”

Digital Spy: **** “Ralph Breaks the Internet takes aim at all sections of the web and largely succeeds in being a fun, touching and pertinent animation for fans of the original and newcomers alike.” “Poking fun at the Internet isn’t exactly a novel idea at this point in time, so as cute and funny as it is to see Ralph Breaks the Internet poke fun at popular viral videos and online behavior, the film gets far more mileage and bigger laughs with its observations on its parent studio.” *** “So many family filmmakers think they need to take as few risks as possible—offering easily digestible content that parents can use as a babysitter more than a teaching tool. But “Ralph Breaks the Internet” works because it doesn’t pander, and it doesn’t simplify.” **** “Ralph Breaks the Internet is a picaresque, a joyous romp through the backwaters of the internet that nevertheless packs a powerful punch.”

Den of Geek: **** “Ralph Breaks the Internet weaves enough sophisticated humor into the kid-friendly antics to keep adults watching as well.”

Rolling Stone: **** “Ralph Breaks the Internet is still an animated blockbuster, still a corporate product and still a continuation of a franchise, with morals about owning your glitch, finding your tribe, make new friends but keep the old etc. But it’s also a cautionary tale, albeit one with a stay-on-message hook.”

Screen Rant: “As a result, Ralph Breaks the Internet will be entertaining for Disney fans young and old and is a strong competitor amid the holiday season at the box office.”

Ralph Breaks the Internet is released in cinemas on the 30th November. 




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