Review Round Up: Macbeth, Sam Wanamaker Playhouse

Robert Hastie directs Michelle Terry and Paul Ready in this new production of Shakespeare’s tragedy. Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews…

WhatsOnStage: *** “Terry is very, very good indeed as Lady Macbeth, charting her decline from warm, clever woman to a broken wreck with forensic detail and deep emotion.”

The Jewish Chronicle: ***** “Also worth a mention is the stage craft of Hastie’s thriller-paced production which uses misdirection brilliantly.”

The Stage: **  “There’s little here that’s fresh or unexpected.”

The Telegraph:*****  “Hastie combines the eerie sense that the very air itself is contaminated with performances of lucid humanity. Ready even mines the comic potential in his moment of realisation that Macduff is not of woman born, and gets away with it. Terrific.”

Time Out: *** “eerie flourishes don’t detract from a staging that puts all the focus on a strikingly counterintuitive reading of Shakespeare’s text.”

The Times: **** “Ready is a startlingly good Macbeth in a startlingly good production by Robert Hastie.”

Evening Standard: *** “Ready speaks the verse beautifully, but doesn’t plumb the necessary depths and extremes of behaviour. Terry is crisp and distinct from the start, reading her husband’s letter aloud with gripping intent.”

The FT: ***** “Hastie’s Macbeth fully, wonderfully gets the measure of the play, of his 10-strong cast and of the Wanamaker itself.”

British Theatre Guide: “This is a clear telling of the story creating its own murky atmosphere but brings no special insights.”

Partially Obstructed View: “The touches of horror are done in an effective way that gives the show its own flavour, while the casting of a real-life couple as the central pair is used to subtle effect.”

Theatre Bubble: *** “It’s refreshing to see a production that manages to just, well, hold it all together. A conceptually sound and solid version of one of Shakespeare’s greats.”

Exeunt Magazine: “this Macbeth doesn’t do much that’s new with its central players, but it certainly does something interesting, entertaining and entirely spooky in its candles.”

Broadway World: *** “While Hastie’s version doesn’t offer any new leaps of insight into the psychological underpinnings of the nature of fear that drive the action, it’s a solid and riveting production that goes a long way to allaying any fears the audience might have that this much-performed and well-known play will be another botched job for 2018.”

Macbeth continues to play at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse until the 2nd February 2019. For more information visit:





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