PREVIEW: As the Crow Flies, bo.lee Gallery

The gallery’s latest exhibition As the Crow Flies will be on display from the 14th December. 

Scar Marcelle Hanselaar 2017
Scar by Marcelle Hanselaar. 

This group exhibition examines the struggles often hidden behind a facade. Including powerful portraits of those affected by global conflict to the symbols of confinement caused by physical and mental illness, each of the artists featured use mark-making to share their experiences or to come to terms with the socio-political turmoil that surrounds us.

The display features work by Sarah Ball, Beth Carter, Dave Farnham,Beatrice Haines, Marcelle Hanselaar, Sam Hodge, David Kowalski and Chantal Powell.

Each journey is expressed in bronze, paint, plaster and print to expose the fragility of health, happiness and security. All of the  brush strokes and accidental marks act as a contemplation on life’s twists and turns in a journey that may or may not resemble the flight of the crow.

As the Crow Flies will be on display at the bo.lee Gallery from the 14th December until the 2nd February. For more information visit:

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