Review Round Up: Magic Mike Live, Hippodrome Casino

Channing Tatum’s stage version inspired by the hit films arrives in London. But what have critics had to say about it? 


The Stage: *** “it appears this is every inch (pun entirely intended) a money-maker shaking hit.”

WhatsOnStage: **** “The actual show is as tight as the performers’ pants. The pectacular cast is huge (stop it) and they enthusiastically gyrate their hearts out, while the production values are impressively high: no expense was spared on lighting, costumes or Velcro.”

Evening Standard: *** “The result is like a cross between the Chippendales and a street dance act you might see on Britain’s Got Talent. Or, in the most intricate moments, a hybrid of Cirque du Soleil and the raunchier sort of boy band video.”

Time Out: *** “Go in the right mood with a gang of girls and this could be some kind of magic. But instead of needing a cold shower, I just left Magic Mike feeling a little bit cold.”

London *** “But for all the spectacular lighting (Philip Gladwell) and an industrial set of bridges and platforms that reconfigure themselves endlessly against Luke Halls’ video design, there’s also a repetitive quality to the show, a relentless series of strips and dance routines that repeat the same formula again and again.”

British **** “This four-star review is based on the slick presentation, the obvious enjoyment of the audience and the talent that is working their arses off to make Magic Mike Live London a night that had the whole auditorium yelling for more.”

The Independent: *** “if it will surely launch a thousand think pieces about male objectification, then I think the show has achieved the right balance between sexy, skilful and silly to shrug them off with aplomb.”

Magic Mike Live continues to perform at the Hippodrome Casino. To book tickets visit:


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