Backyard Cinema’s cosy festive experience is worth a visit, leaving you feeling more than ready for Christmas.


There really isn’t anything quite like watching your favourite festive film on the big screen as I found when paying a visit to Backyard Cinema’s Christmas Labyrinth to watch a screening of the hilarious and romantic ‘Love Actually’.

What Backyard Cinema is good at is heightening the cinema experience with the help of a dose of imagination behind their themes, which in this case includes a Christmas labyrinth for guests to weave their way through to get to their cinema screen. The use of several doors  allows the audiences to choose their own path to get to the screens – although there are hints that there are challenges to take part in, somewhat disappointingly there aren’t which would of heightened the experience even further.

However, despite this Backyard Cinema offers a cosy and festive setting to enjoy a screening of one of the many Christmas films that is included in the programme. It is a warm and welcoming environment, filled with helpful staff who make the experience as relaxing as possible. Elsewhere, the seating is extremely comfortable and easy to sink into – even if it is not so easy to get out of after the film is over! Those who feel the cold easily can also order blankets to snuggle up under and keep warm – even though the screen is relatively warm.

For those who like things to nibble on during the film, there is a lovely festive themed treats available to purchase at the bar within the screen. This includes berrylicious popcorn that is also covered in dark chocolate and a special boozy hot chocolate made up of rum, salted caramel along with the hot chocolate.

But it is also lovely to simply sit back and watch the film and enjoy the experience alongside the other members of the audience and chuckling or shedding a tear or two in similar places, making it feel as though it is a united experience – rather than being disjointed from everyone else.

Overall, this is a warm and cosy festive experience that will certainly delight those who love the festive season and want to experience their favourite Christmas film in a new way.

By Emma Clarendon

Back yard Cinema’s Christmas Labyrinth continues to screen Christmas films until the 1st January 2019. For more information visit:

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐