Review Round Up: Snow White, London Palladium

This latest pantomime at the London Palladium stars Dawn French and Julian Clary. Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews…  

The Guardian: *** “The dwarfs – renamed The Magnificent Seven – are given short shrift but then even Snow White, played by Over the Rainbow winner Danielle Hope, feels rather sidelined. ” 

London ***** “The result is a riot of colour, camp and comedy, some of it inevitably a little blue thanks to Clary at his crisp and cutting best.”

Evening Standard: **** “Directed and largely written by Michael Harrison, this is in essence a variety show, and the story of Snow White herself (Danielle Hope) is at risk of getting lost amid its extravagant dazzle. Sequences by Vincent and Flavia of Strictly Come Dancing fame are shoehorned in, and the seven dwarves feel almost like an afterthought.” 

Pocketsizetheatre: **** “This is a glamorous spectacular show worthy of the Palladium and a four star rating but it is not Pantomime as we know and will see all around communities’ theatres at Christmas. These are a true family experiences aimed simultaneously at three generations and are often young children’s first live theatre. I hope next year the Palladium will adjust its content to this wider audience despite its obvious success with the adult market.” 

The Stage: **** “While this year’s Palladium pantomime may have morphed into the French and Clary show, in terms of variety and sheer entertainment value, it remains the hottest ticket in town.” 

The Times: **** “This is an excessive show, certainly, but an excessive amount of fun too.” 

LondonTheatre1: ***** “It’s a very slick show overall, with beautiful sets, and costumes on which no expense appears to have been spared. Full marks, then, to this gloriously vibrant and spirited production.” 

The Telegraph: *** “You can argue that children will be none the wiser for gags like “I woke up this morning, there was eight inches outside my backdoor”, but it’s laid on so thick it’s as if the show is mocking innocence and leaving the kids out in the cold.” 

Time Out: *** “Some of it is very funny indeed, but some of it definitely stinks of D-list celebrities phoning it in for a paycheck. It’s varied. But then this is panto as variety show, so it would be.” 

Snow White continues to play at the London Palladium until the 13th January 2019. To book tickets visit:

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