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The magician spoke to Love London Love Culture’s Emma Clarendon about bringing Circus 1903 to London for its European premiere. 

How excited are you about bringing Circus 1903 to London? I’ve been coming to London for over 30 years performing as a magician, in fact I was here three years ago with the Illusionist in the West End. I know that the people here will love the show. It’s a wonderful time of year, and our show is such a happy positive experience. So, I’m absolutely thrilled to be back in London with such a wonderful show!

What can audiences expect from the show? Imagine a small town in 1903 when the circus came to town. Back in that time, when the circus came to town schools in factories would close and everyone would rush to the rail yard to watch the spectacle unfold. Circus day was the biggest holiday of the year!Our show will transport audiences back to that simpler time when the spectacle of the circus and the amazing circus performers and pageantry was something to look forward to. So, audiences can expect the best of the circus! With our ravishing sets, beautiful vintage costumes, brilliant lighting design, the cinematic music score and our top-level circus artists, (not to mention our incredible elephants provided by the war horse puppeteers,) audiences can expect a heightened nostalgic experience. Our show reminds people why they loved circus in the first place!

Is there anything that you particularly love about the show? I love working with this young, talented cast of circus performers. Their energy is infectious. I also love that our show is for all ages. It fills my heart looking out over the audience and seeing three generations of a family thrilling and laughing together. It’s very rare these days.

How do you feel about being the ringmaster of it all?More than just a “role”, I consider it a privilege to introduce these artists each night. They truly inspire me. 

If you had to describe the show – how would you describe it?It’s a nostalgic love letter to the traditions of the circus.

What would you say makes Circus 1903 so special? It’s a circus, but it’s heightened by the art of theatre. It’s a jubilant, uplifting event that reminds people that, like in 1903, people are awesome and life is a circus!

By Emma Clarendon

Circus 1903 will play at the Royal Festival Hall from the 19th December until the 5th January 2019. Book your tickets here.

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