Review Round Up: The Messiah, The Other Palace

Hugh Dennis and John Marquez star in Patrick Barlow’s production, playing at The Other Palace until the 5th January. Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews. 

The Stage: *** “Although the laughs don’t come nearly thick nor fast enough, when everything’s at full tilt, Barlow’s production contains some divine moments.” 

Time Out : ** “Featherlight festive entertainment, then, but far from divine.” 

The Telegraph: ** “But really all the play needs to succeed is to leave the audience in stitches and, putting it bluntly, this production simply doesn’t.” 

A Younger Theatre: “If you wish to witness the twirling stage or the hilarity that comes with a prop lamb, well, you’ll have to see The Messiah for yourself.” 

North West End: **** “As a bit of fun though, and as an adult nativity, this delivers – and joyfully. It’s silly, frivolous and smiley and makes a great alternative Christmas play.” 

WhatsOnStage: *** “Dennis and Marquez crucially understand that good comedy comes out of a place of great seriousness, and they’re seldom funnier than when Rose and Bream are at their most upset or fed-up.” 

British * “OK.  So, where do the problems begin?  First, the text is all talk and precious little action.  That would not matter so much if the jokes – and there are endless attempts at them – were any good; but they are emphatically not.  We get a tired re-run of old, old, old and ancient ‘cracks’.” 

Theatreworld: “As befits the Season, there is much good-natured audience banter to be enjoyed in this family-friendly entertainment. It may only be small, but it is beautifully formed.” 

London **** “It may, of course, be the same joke endlessly recycled throughout the evening, but Hugh Dennis as Maurice and John Marquez as his hapless, helpless sidekick Ronald Bream, are such engaging company that they make this funny, silly show joyous seasonal entertainment.” 

Official *** 1/2 “The Messiah is an alternative Christmas production which, although not completely divine, does have some heavenly comedic moments.” 

Broadway World: ** “Comedy is so subjective of course (and my patience with the humour resulting from people mispronouncing words or misusing pretentious language is stretched by its second instance – and there’s about two dozen to endure) but this play is showing its age.” 

Musical Theatre Musings: ** “this is indeed a talented trio, but they are let down by a script that is past its sell by date, relying on predictable jokes and scenes that go on a little too long to keep the audience’s attention.” 

The Artiscape: *** 1/2 “If you are looking for something this Christmas to get rid of the seasonal blues, this lighthearted play will be just the tonic.” 

The Spy in the Stalls: **** “Patrick Barlow’s anarchic, sincere production has a certain homemade charm but brims with intelligent, self aware, sharply crafted stagery.” 

The Reviews Hub: * “Even in the season of goodwill to all, it is difficult to find much good to say about The Messiah.” 

Evening Standard: *** “Here’s an appealing sprinkling of the old-fashioned magic and, dare I say it, message of Christmas.” 

The Messiah continues to play at The Other Palace until the 5th January 2019. For more information visit:

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