REVIEW: Odyssey by Take That

Released to celebrate their 30th anniversary, Take That’s latest album  beautifully reimagines some of their very best songs. 

It is incredible to believe that Take That have been in existence for thirty years and now to mark this occasion have released a new album filled with their classic songs but revamped specially for this anniversary.

By subtly changing the way in which many of the songs sound, it offers the listener and fans to see Take That’s music from a slightly different perceptive. In particular, Odyssey offers up rich harmonies on several tracks including ‘Love Ain’t Here Anymore’, a beautiful rendition featuring Boyz II Men and ‘The Flood’ which seems even more dramatic and powerful than ever.

But there are also some lovely new treats in the form of new songs ‘Out of Our Heads’ and ‘Spin’. ‘Out of Our Heads’ is wonderfully playful, 1950’s style song that is a real treat and a highlight, while ‘Spin’ fits in wonderfully with the concept of the album as a whole – showing pop music at some of its best.

The album is very reflective, with a few links between songs of the band themselves discussing their time together over the years, while on some songs blending the feel of their live shows that will spark up many memories for those who have seen them live.

Fans will rediscover their favourite songs that now sound even more polished and invigorating to listen to. In particular, ‘Never Forget’ seems to have a new lease of life and the new Odyssey Mix of ‘Greatest Day’ adds further depth and richness to the vocals that is pleasing to listen to.

It has to be said that each song merges beautifully, allowing the album to flow as consistently as possible. But just as importantly, it is clear that Take That throughout the making of this album knew exactly when to leave their songs alone and not mess around with them too much – for example the haunting version of ‘Babe’ is wonderfully delicate and heartfelt, while ‘Rule the World’ really highlights the group’s songwriting skills.

Odyssey feels like a true celebration of what Take That have already achieved and has a sense of anticipation about what they are going to do in the future. On this occasion the band have delivered a wonderful album for their fans to enjoy.

By Emma Clarendon

Odyssey is available to buy now.Odyssey is available to buy now.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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