PREVIEW: Emotive Brutes, Trate Studios

This will be the first exhibition of work by Canadian artist Trate in  London.  

Opening at the Trate Studios on the 7th February, Emotive Brutes is comprised of a collection of large-scale works in oil, all executed between 2017 and 2018.

Each of the pieces that will be displayed highlight Trate’s haunting, childlike aesthetic, chronicling the human condition through traceable brush
strokes and reimagined facial traits, layered over distinctive colour patterns.

The canvases featured in this exhibition all capture the complexity of the human experience in evocative, lucidly-aware faces and deformed upper bodies. In their creation, the artist makes no preparatory drawings
and largely eschews non-personal source material, prefering to stand before the canvas and paint intuitively, capturing human sensibilities in deceptively simple, subconsciously sourced forms.

Talking about the work that will be displayed, Stephanie Silva, Art Director of Trate Studios said: “In this compelling body of work, Trate explores the tensions between shared human experience and the complexity of individuality. At times dark and poignant, at others light and whimsical,
the paintings explore the bounds of emotive states – from loss to unadulterated love, from belonging to abject neglect.”

Emotive Brutes will be on display at Trate Studios  from the 7th February until the 2nd March.

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