PREVIEW: The Mouse and His Child, NOW Gallery

The NOW Gallery’s upcoming immersive exhibition will celebrate our  relationship with books. 

On display from the 22nd February, NOW Gallery’s upcoming exhibition, The Mouse and His Child has been created by creative practice Studio Morison to explore the human experience of fiction through an immersive sculptural reading room housing a collection of children’s storybooks written by authors more commonly known for their adult fiction.

Named after  the title of Russell Hoban’s children’s novel that interweaves adult themes of politics and the dangers of reality within typically childlike characters and motifs, the exhibition will unravel the perception of narratives and storytelling through the lens of the reader.

The Mouse and His Child will see NOW Gallery’s space transformed into  a sculptural and functional space, stepping between art and design practices. The design of the display is inspired by the home the Mouse, his child and their friends finally make for themselves at the end of their journey with Studio Morison having similarly created a space that “assumes a look of wild confidence and reckless bravado”. 

At the heart of the exhibition will be a huge rug for lying and reading on, lit by a floating sculptural form above and surrounded by bespoke stools and reading tables. The library will be placed in and around the sculptural installation, upending the notion of bookshelves and interacting directly with the objects. 

Authors that visitors can discover in the display include Ursula Le Guin, John Steinbeck, Mary Shelley, Virginia Wolf, Ted Hughes, Oscar Wilde, Leo Tolstoy, Susan Hill, China Mieville, Spike Milligan, Salman Rushdie, James Joyce, Graham Green, Umberto Eco. Studio Morison will develop a space to discuss, discover, listen and read children’s fiction for both adults and children.

Talking about the exhibition Jemima Burrill, Curator at NOW Gallery said: “Studio Morison is synonymous for bringing sculptural installations to life and this exhibition will be no different. Drawing inspiration from the nostalgia of childhood fictional works from the likes of Virginia Wolfe, Oscar Wilde and Spike Milligan to name a few, this exhibition will allow our guests to experience the exciting contrasts between adult experience and underlying childlike themes bringing something for everyone. We are delighted to welcome Studio Morison, enchanting series of literary events complementing The Mouse and His Child display to NOW Gallery next year.”

The Mouse and His Child will be on display at the NOW Gallery at Greenwich Peninsula from the 22nd February until the 28th April.

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