Review Round Up: The Binding by Bridget Collins

The author has published a brand new fantasy novel – but how are  readers finding it? LLLC rounds up the reviews… 

The Guardian: “In many ways, The Binding is an unpretentious work of escapist fiction. The morality of the book is simple; the good are essentially noble and their enemies unambiguously wicked.”

Beadyjansbooks:”Love and passion and deception all play a part in this phenomenally breathtaking book which is an exquisite love story, an intriguing mystery with touches of depravity and cruelty which enraged and distressed me, whilst breathing the wonder of new love into my hardened soul.” “It is a compelling and spellbinding novel full of intrigue, suspicion and savagery.”

Crooks Books: “The writing is sublime, the characters effortlessly likeable and the plot heartbreaking and bittersweet.” B

Short Book and Scribes: “The whole of The Binding is most beautifully written. The prose is perfect and I was thoroughly absorbed by it.”

Liz Loves Books: “The Binding is an intelligent and well woven story that speaks to who we are at a very human level.”

Yasmine Rose Reads: “Although some of the plot is predictable and the language can sometimes be a bit cliché, Bridget Collins’ The Binding is a brilliant feat of creativity.”

Cheryl M-M’s Book Blog: “It’s enchanting, heart-wrenching and magical. Collins has outdone herself and I applaud her creativity.”

The Binding will be available to buy from the 10th January.

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