PREVIEW: Full Circle: The Beauty of Inevitability, Saatchi Gallery

The Saatchi Gallery is set to present an exhibition of  works by  Russian artist GeorgII Uvs. 

Wings #2 (Light Exposure), 2016 (c) GeorgII Uvs.

On display from the 24th January, this exhibition will be the first display of the artist’s work in the UK and will be comprised of four series of oil paintings.

Each of the pieces on display were created in Malta between 2014 and 2017, with each of them symbolising an immersive panorama of the cycles of life.

The way in which the artist works is mainly grounded in science, notably geology and mathematics. By drawing on these disciplines, Uvs takes the viewer on a journey from the Mesozoic era, to Genesis and the creation of life, to the codes that embody intellectual development and knowledge, and, finally, to Wings, which reveals the return to a state of unfettered liberation and freedom. Through his fascination with mathematics, Uvs gives meaning to arithmetic as ‘Renaissance’, algebra as ‘PostImpressionism’ and to high mathematics as ‘Abstraction’.

Over the last four decades the artist has refined his practise to the point that while his compositions appear to be created instinctively they are in fact, paradoxically and meticulously planned.

The artist began painting at the age of seventeen after graduating with a degree in Geology from Moscow State University, he pursued his second degree in Fine Arts. His approach to art is an integral part of his being, a channel to express his emotions and transmit his energies.

Full Circle: The Beauty of Inevitability  will be on display at the Saatchi Gallery from the 24th  January until the 3rd February.

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