Review Round Up: Coming Clean, Trafalgar Studios

Adam Spreadbury-Maher’s production of Kein Elyot’s play transfers to the Trafalgar  Studios and Love London Love Culture has rounded up the reviews. 

The Guardian: *** “Later plays such as The Inheritance and Angels in America have offered a more comprehensive view of gay relationships. But Elyot, as far as Britain goes, was a pioneer in the field, and his debut play shows that, whatever your orientation, few things are more devastating than sexual deception.”

Evening Standard: *** “Adam Spreadbury-Maher’s revival, transferring from the King’s Head in Islington, is respectful of the play’s early Eighties atmosphere, yet makes it clear that this is more than a period piece.”

Broadway World: *** “Despite the flaws in the writing, this is an often genuinely funny play that feels authentic with some excellent performances.”

Exeunt Magazine: “the direction contributes to a sense of the production never quite lifting itself into something more substantial, or the arena of Elyot’s later writing: it’s straightforward and fun to be in, still pertinent without being hugely memorable.”

London **** “But Coming Clean is an intimate and occasionally piercing study of how relationships come under fatal strain.”

British *** “Adam Spreadbury-Maher’s assured production also celebrates the sharpness of Elyot’s writing, the play is, in places, razor sharp, in others, being his first play, a tad over written.”

London Theatre1: **** “This production brings the story to life well with a talented cast making all four interconnected characters both believable and very human and is a welcome addition to the current crop of plays in the West End.”

The Reviews Hub: **** 1/2 “Overall, just a thoroughly interesting and entertaining production. Tremendously funny at times and brutal at others. Elyot’s quippy turns of phrase are fired out without a dud in the bunch – putting the seal on a superb production.” ***** “A masterful verbal tennis match between the four characters makes for a triumphant revival of a very insightful play into what being a gay man means.”

Monstagigz: *** “Coming Clean is far from a masterpiece but could provoke Joe Orton comparisons and certainly has enough about it to suggest Elyot would go on to far greater things.”

Theatre Weekly: **** “Coming Clean gives a glimpse of the style and subject matter that would be so prevalent in Elyot’s later work, most notably My Night With Reg, but it also stands on it’s own as an important analysis of both open relationships, and gay relationships.”

The Spy in the Stalls: **** “Spreadbury-Maher’s production shows that a refusal to buck to the trend of updating in no way lessens the impact of the material. Yes, it is rooted in the eighties and in the gay, male culture; yet it resonates beyond boundaries and becomes universal. Which is what defines great theatre.”

London Theatre Reviews: *** “This bittersweet revival of Kevin Elyot’s 1982 play hasn’t aged much and the questions raised are still relevant today. This exploration of love and sex will make you laugh and it will make you think. And maybe it will change you, too.”

British Theatre Guide: “Elyot explores feelings more deeply in later work but this revival is touching as well as entertaining.”

Gay **** “There is much to enjoy in this production of Coming Clean. It may not be as well known as Elyot’s masterpiece My Night With Reg, but it’s certainly a showcase of his early potential. It’s also an entertaining and enjoyable snapshot of early ’80s gay culture, with some expert direction and impressive acting throughout. Highly recommended.”

Coming Clean continues to play at the Trafalgar Studios until the 2nd February. To book tickets click here or visit: Encore Tickets, See Tickets, Love, Theatre Tickets or From the Box Office.

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