PREVIEW: A Home Away From Home: The India Club

From the 30th January, the National Trust’s new London exhibition to  reveal the social history behind The India Club. 

A wedding reception at the India Club.

This site-specific exhibition will help to shine a light on the social history of this iconic club on the Strand as well as focusing on the significance of the India Club as an important meeting point and community space, initially for migrants arriving from the Indian subcontinent, and gradually spreading to a wider intellectual community. 

Virtually unchanged of over the last fifty years, The India Club is a unique space that acts as a vibrant hub for a range of Anglo-Indian organisations and an extended community of journalists, writers, artists, academics and students who regularly meet there.

This new audio exhibition will give visitors an opportunity to engage with the heritage found at 143 Strand, while offering a glimpse into the lived experiences of those who considered the Club a ‘home-away-from-home’, from the late 1950s to the present day.

While the club was originally located at 41 Craven Street, the exhibition will take place at The India Club’s current location on 143 Strand and will run throughout February.

A Home Away From Home: The India Club Exhibition will be on display  from the 30th January until the 1st March.

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