Review Round Up: Approaching Empty, Kiln Theatre

Here’s Love London Love Culture’s review round up of Pooja Ghai’s production at the Kiln Theatre.

The Stage: **** “Ishy Din’s writing lays the foundations for a solid set of performances from the six-strong ensemble.”

WhatsOnStage: *** “there’s no doubting its promise, or the authenticity of the way that Din probes the corruption by greed and austerity of a community once built on honour and respect.”

Evening Standard: *** “Din gets stuck into an examination of whether good, old-fashioned ethics and loyalty have a time or a place anywhere in our increasingly cut-throat, go-it-alone society.”

Exeunt Magazine: “Din anchors his debates so firmly in character and in personal experience that they don’t sound like stagey debates, but rather the kind of serious chats you have with your friends.”

British **** “Directed with pace and clarity by Pooja Ghai, this is an entertaining, well-crafted drama that portrays the lives of working-class British Pakistanis trying to make their way in a post-industrial northern town.”

The Times: ** “It’s all supposed to be about loyalty, trust, family and friends, but the set-up seems more like a sit-com and the plot is signposted throughout.”

LondonTheatre1: **** ” there are some fascinating viewpoints put forward in this detailed and focused insight into a world where familiarity still breeds contempt.”

Time Out: *** “ultimately the plot feels overegged and oversimplistic. Din’s characters deserve more.”

Theatre World Internet Magazine: “However, while the ambition is there, rather than follow through on this opportunity, Approaching Empty moves away from a laudable goal into the realm of the run-of-the-mill comedy thriller, which is a pity as what starts out as a highly promising and challenging evening finally represents a missed opportunity.”

Broadway World: *** “All in all it’s a well-rehearsed, well-delivered piece of performance. Despite the drama trajectory feeling predictable, the conflict does get a very real and visceral reaction from the audience. Din’s play is an interesting insight into a profession we think we know so much about.”

Approaching Empty continues to play at the Kiln Theatre until the 2nd February.

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