PREVIEW: The Grand Expedition, Gingerline

Gingerline presents a new experience that take guests on an edible  journey in the clouds. 

Taking place in a secret location somewhere along the Victoria Line, Gingerline’s latest experience is part dance spectacle, part multimedia simulation, part supper club, featuring five interactive courses paired with
eccentric performance and storytelling.

The experience begins with guests receiving a text message with directions to the address on the day of their adventure (or the day before for
matinee guests). Once they arrive at the destination, transformed into a landscape among the clouds, they are taken an imaginative edible journey.

This edible adventure has been created by Suzannah Montfort and Kerry
Adamson, who set up Gingerline eight years ago, with The Grand Expedition being their most ambitious experience yet.

Due to the top secret nature of the experience, guests are urged not to post pictures of the experience online to keep the adventure as mysterious as possible for future guests.

The first batch of tickets have sold out, but further tickets are set to be released on the 4th February  (for the April/May tickets) and then 5th March (for the May/June tickets).

For more information about Gingerline’s The Great Expedition visit:

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