PREVIEW: Fight Night, The Vaults

Exit Productions will present a new immersive experience – putting the audience in charge of the outcome. 

Running as part of the Vault Festival from the 30th January until the 17th February, Fight Night will bring the thill of the fight live to audiences but also takes them behind the scenes and meet the people behind the boxing match.

Throughout the performance, the audience will be a part of everything that goes into a boxing match – so you can choose to experience the glamour of a live professional fight night, or stick with your favourite fighter in their dressing room as they prepare for the opportunity of a lifetime.

With every performance, a new fight will take place the audience can influence the outcome and help crown a new champion. As whispers and rumours run rife through the arena before the fight how the audience uses the information depends on the choices they make throughout- are they in it for moral superiority or for financial gain?

Fight Night is being presented by Exit Productions who created last year’s ‘Revolution’

Fight Night will play as part of the Vault Festival from the 30th January until the 17th February.

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