NEWS: Just These, Please to Come to the Vaults Festival

The sketch troupe will present their show as part of the Vaults Festival from the 30th January.

Having made their Edinburgh Fringe debut, the troupe will make their London debut at the Vaults Festival this January. This self-titled show will feature twenty-five sketches in just an hour.

Uncovering such truths as; What happens when OFSTED visit Hogwarts? Who’s the General Secretary of the Animal Kingdom? At what point during an ambush should you cancel your performance of CATS? 

Just These, Please are comprised of four actor/comedians William Sebag-Montefiore, Georgie Jones, Jack Mosedale, Philippa Carson  and Tom Dickson (the solicitor who runs away from his office to be hilarious on stage in August).

Just These, Please will perform at the Vaults Festival from the 30th  January until the 3rd February. 

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