This debut album from the quartet is consistently  invigorating and exciting. 

Having formed in 2006 whilst at the Royal Academy of Music, the quartet has won numerous prizes including first prizes at prestigious
Chamber Music Competitions including Val Tidone International and St Martin’s – making it even more extraordinary that this is their debut album. But what a debut album it is.

Comprised of Haydn’s Op.64 No.4, Op.54 No. 2 and Op.20 No.2, the album is a wonderful mixture of playfulness and elegance, that is contrasted beautifully with a richer and darker sound. This means that the album showcases a variety of Haydn’s quartets that allows the album to ebb and flow from piece to piece in a natural way.

Performing each piece with great grace and passion, the Jubilee Quartet’s debut album is a pleasure to listen to from start to finish, thanks to the immensely precise performances.

The album is also invigorating to listen to, with Tereza Privratska on Violin I, Julia Loucks on Violin II, Lorena Cantó Woltèche on the Viola and Toby White on the Cello – all performing with great passion and precision. Each performer has a light and delicate touch that shows great respect for the music that they are bringing to life. Everyone has learnt their part well, which means that the result is a spirited and lively album that is easy to appreciate.

Through each piece, the listener is treated to rich and vibrant music, filled with personality – despite being approached in a traditional manner. It is clear that a lot of respect and thought has gone into the making of this album and it has certainly paid off.

Overall, it is a graceful and richly performed album that does the Jubilee Quartet’s talents justice.

By Emma Clarendon

Haydn Quartets will be released through Rubicon Classics on the 10th March. 

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


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