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The producer chatted to Love London Love Culture about Lambert  Jackson’s upcoming West End Women concert. 

Hi Eliza, huge thanks for talking to me. What can audiences expect from ‘West End Women’? Thank you so much! West End Women will be a really special concert. This will be a night full of the best-loved showstoppers – there will be songs everyone will know, as well as a few surprises for the passionate musical theatre fans. It will be a fast-paced, dynamic and exciting show and our cast will thrill you with their versatility and talent. I’ve seen the magic being created in the rehearsal room, and let me tell you, this is not something you will want to miss!

Your first production ‘There’s Nothin’ Like a Dame’ was a huge success – how would you say this show is different from this one? This concert is a follow-on from our first Lambert Jackson concert, There is Nothin’ Like a Dame. We were so thrilled with the response and our nomination for a Broadway World Award, for ‘Best Theatrical Event’. We knew we wanted to do another show celebrating the incredible role of women in musical theatre, but we had to make sure we had a new and exciting cast, with different, yet still iconic and wonderful songs.

We are delighted with our wonderful cast: Rachel John, Celinde Schoenmaker and Lauren Samuels . They are all incredibly talented and all so different from each other. It will be wonderful to hear them sing together.

Like our last show, we opened up a competition to find someone to join our leads in West End Women. We were so lucky with the amazing amount and level of talent of entries to our competition, so much so, that instead of just one winner (like last time) we have decided to have FIVE winners!!!

The two youngest performers, Brady Isaacs Pearce (18 years old) and Talia Robens (14 years old) will be performing solos. With Lauren Shields, Kayla Carter, and Martha Boon performing a group piece with the West End Women performers. They are all extraordinarily talented and you need to watch this space to see where they go next!

How did you come up with the choice of songs in the programme for the show? Jamie and I have spent our entire lives obsessed with musical theatre – that definitely helps when picking repertoire. We usually make a suggested list of song ideas that we think would suit our leads and then we spend time with them working out what will work and what won’t. They always have really fun suggestions too, that we would never have thought of!

Once again you have lined up some fabulous performers – what do you admire the most about each of them? They are all such different performers and all so versatile. In this show we’ve got them all singing in so many different styles. One minute you’ll hear them as classical sopranos, the next as belty enchantresses. They have so much talent and so much experience and they really are the most generous, kindest people. We are so lucky to have them in our show.

Are there any songs in particular you are looking forward to hearing on the evening? I am so gutted to be missing the concert, as I will be in Australia with two of our shows that will be touring out there. I’m going to be really sorry to miss the group number, where our leading ladies are joined by three of our competition winners – it’s going to be really fun and special. I saw Look at Me from The Witches of Eastwick in rehearsals and I was absolutely blown away and the girl’s solo numbers will be totally breath-taking. The MXM Masterclass choir will be pretty spectacular too when they join our leading ladies. With 60 additional voices on stage, with an orchestra… I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it!

If you had to sum up the show – what words would you use? Nostalgic and inspiring; exciting and dynamic; joyful and deep – all at the same time. The wonderful thing about theatre is it encapsulates all of the human experience and by celebrating women’s roles in theatre in one night, we get to live the full range of emotions!

By Emma Clarendon

West End Women will be performed at the Cadogan Hall on the 2nd  February.  

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