Interview with… Sarah Keyworth

LLLC’s Emma Clarendon chatted to Sarah about her upcoming show at the Soho Theatre. 

Hi Sarah thanks so much for talking to me. How excited are you about bringing ‘Dark Horse’ to the Soho Theatre? So excited! I have wanted to perform at Soho since I started doing Stand Up in London. It’s a real dream come true moment. 

What can audiences expect from the show? A lot of fun and silliness and hopefully some intelligent words too.

What did you want particularly to bring to the audience’s attention through ‘Dark Horse’? I talk a lot about gender, about how it’s confusing on all sides of the argument and about how not fitting into gender stereotypes can be a real bugger for a child in quite a gendered world.

 Do you think that people in society are still too quick to judge others based on their gender or sexuality? That’s quite a tough question! I think mostly people don’t judge quickly but like all parts of human existence there are a set of assumptions that we have all been conditioned to jump to. I like to think most people are willing to hold fire though. 

In your opinion do you think that we still focus too much on stereotypes rather than trying to understand and get to know a person? It’s so hard to talk about ‘we’ in such a wide scope. I think people do rely on stereotypes when they don’t have any experience with someone who is different to them – what else can you rely on!? I think debunking those stereotypes is going to be a long hard road but a valuable one. 

How do you find comedy helps to challenge ideas that we have in society – particularly with regards to sexuality and gender? Comedy is a really great tool for normalising things that people don’t understand. If you can make someone laugh chances are they are relating and understanding you and they’re comfortable enough to hear what you’re saying, that’s a great place to start challenging their pre-existing ideas of what you might be. 

What do you enjoy the most about performing? My favourite moment on stage is trying something new, something that you’re not sure is funny or why it’s funny and getting a laugh. It’s amazing to share that experience with a bunch of people who seem to share a slightly off-beat sense of humour.

After your run at the Soho Theatre what s next in store for you? I’m taking my show on tour! And writing a new one! I’m at the 99 Club in Leicester Sq every Tuesday night and I post all of my gigs on social media and on my website.

By Emma Clarendon

Sarah Keyworth: Dark Horse will be performed at the Soho Theatre  from the 28th January until the 2nd February. 

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