Interview with…Matthew Gordon

The actor chatted to Emma Clarendon about being part of the Uk tour of  Tom Gates. 

Hi Matthew – for those who aren’t familiar with ‘Tom Gates’ what is the story all about? ‘Tom Gates’ is a series of original stories by Liz Pichon, which centres around a young boy, Tom, who loves doodling as opposed to all the usual activities at school. All the stories follow him and his friends as they encounter all sorts of mishaps and funny scenarios. ‘Tom Gates: Live On Stage’ is a new original story filled with fan favourite characters that I am certain will entertain dedicated fans and audiences new to the series alike.

What are you most looking forward to about touring the production? This is my first national tour, which makes this a particularly special production for me. There’s so much of the UK that I still haven’t seen, so I can’t wait to take the production on the road and see all these wonderful theatres, whilst getting the chance to travel the UK. 

Have you a favourite moment in the show? 
I think the scenes I am most excited to work on are those where the Dogzombies (Tom’s band) are rehearsing together. There’s loads of fun in those scenes and working with such fantastic actors makes it even better for me. I can only hope the audience will enjoy it as much as we do.

Was there anything in particular that stood out in the story that made you want to be involved with the production? I love working on comedy! This piece is filled with so many funny moments that I can’t wait to see up on their feet. Also, working on productions for children is such a rewarding experience. I can’t wait to see how audiences react. 

Have you had a look at any of Liz Pichon’s original stories to give you a better understanding about the characters and the world she created?Once I received the news that I had been offered the role, my parents very kindly bought me a copy of ‘Biscuits, Bands and Very Big Plans’, one of the most recent books in the series. Reading it was such an eye opener for the world the books are set in. The books are so visual and Tom’s imagination is so vivid! Transferring this world into the stage is going to be a very exciting challenge! 

How would you describe the show? Alongside the delight of the story and the characters, this show is going to be so alive, lifting all these doodles off the page for audiences, familiar and new! Full of fun, excitement and laughter, I think this is going to be something really special! 

By Emma Clarendon

Tom Gates Live On Stage! Will embark on its UK tour from the 14th February.

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