NEWS: Cast Announced for Boots at the Bunker Theatre

Casting has been confirmed for Sacha Voit and Jessica Butcher’s play. 

Directed by Nadia Papachronopoulou, the production is set to star Amanda Boxer (Mosquitoes, National Theatre; Blue Heart, Orange Tree/Tobacco Factory; TheArab Israeli Cookbook, Gate Theatre/Tricycle Theatre) and Tanya Loretta Dee (Eastenders debut; One Life Stand, Paines Plough; Offside, Futures Theatre) in this story of adventure
through forests, friendship and FemFresh.

When Willow is not providing ‘excellent customer service’ she talks to Liz, a customer who has a habit of leaving her husband in the utility room. They are from different backgrounds, different generations and seemingly entirely different worlds. But they find something in common: their love of trees… and their loneliness. As the roots of their past entwine, they discover an unexpected path in the woods that leads them where they never thought they’d go.

Jessica Butcher said: “For me, Boots is a story of female friendship. Between two women. And also between all women. It is a story of self care and love for yourself and the world around us. The play holds many unspoken truths that have been silenced for thousands of years. It is a
release, a celebration of the female voice.”

Meanwhile, Sacha Voit commented: “Boots is about questioning and rebelling against our conditioning, our habits and repeated thoughts. And forging new connections. Only friendship, understanding and kindness can allow us true revolution within ourselves, and therefore, in wider
society. Alone, we cannot change the world. Together, we can.”

The production will feature set and costume design by Lia Waber, lighting by Jack Weir, sound design by Chris Drohan and movement direction by Quang Van.

Boots will play at the Bunker Theatre from the 19th February until the 16th March.

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