Tyrone Huntley and Billy Cullum star in this musical about love in the  face of an uncertain future. LLLC rounds up the reviews…

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The Metro: **** “It is a story told with wit and a stylish combination of music and movement.”

Gay Times Magazine: **** “Leave to Remain is a compelling, intelligent and unique new musical – absolutely worth checking out.”

Time Out: *** ” the songs, the premise and Huntley’s charismatic turn as the brittle, secretive Obi are enough to make ‘Leave to Remain’ constantly intriguing, if not always actual fun.”

The Times: **** “This musical is a blast of fresh air, British, young and funny, both lyrical and foot-stomping.”

The Telegraph: *** “Robby Graham’s finely acted, balletic production touched my heart, nonetheless, for the way it captures – with dreamy, physical grace – the euphoria of falling in love amid the fast-moving madness of the city, and the tender hedonism of gay, MDA-influenced culture.”

Pink News: “Leave to Remain is full of humour and aching emotion, but it’s also full of music—naturally expected given Okereke’s day job. The beautiful blend of afrobeats and electronica that underscore the scenes are refreshing.”

Evening Standard: **** ” This is theatre at its magnetic best, with powerful music woven through a strong and gripping story.”

London Theatre.co.uk: **** “It’s a captivating tale about a culture clash and gay marriage, but Leave to Remain also strikes a chord about family. No matter how bad family might treat you, there’s always a pain and a willingness to endure for the sake of blood.”

The Stage: ** “On one hand, it’s fantastic that a gay love story can feel this predictable and passé – it shows how far society’s come – but it would also be nice to see the conversation, and the theatrical frame in which it’s housed, moving forwards a bit.”

The Guardian: **** “a spirited British musical in which story, song and movement are seamlessly integrated.”

Broadway World: **** “Tyrone Huntley and Billy Cullum make a compelling couple, giving incredibly emotional portrayals of the effect of living with lies and mistrust.”

WhatsOnStage: ** “It seems at once entrancing and original. But then the plot kicks in, the songs get repetitive and lyrically dull, and the entire affair just loses energy and panache, like a slowly deflating soufflé which has been left too long on the table.”

The Gay UK: **** “Leave to Remain, directed by Robby Graham, is a truly wonderful piece of theatre.”

Monstagigz: **** “Director Robby Graham’s background as a choreographer is well mined during the impressive dancing but also the almost balletic movement.”

British Theatre Guide: “Director Robby Graham has staged it with a physicality that edges on dance, with passages of movement that take over the telling in the same way the songs can.”

Leave to Remain continues to play until the 16th February. To book tickets click here or visit Love Theatre.com, Encore Tickets, See Tickets, From the Box Office or Theatre Tickets Direct.co.uk.