Five Minutes With… Emma Rigby

The actress chatted to LLLC’s Emma Clarendon about her current role  in Witness for the Prosecution. 

Hi Emma, thanks for talking to me. How are you finding being a part of Witness for the Prosecution? Hey Emma, firstly great name! I am absolutely thrilled to be performing every day on stage with such a great company. Witness For The Prosecution is a brilliant production and I am delighted to be a part of it.

What initially made you want to be involved with the production? I have never done theatre before and theatre has always been a great love of mine. With Lucy Bailey as the director and such a fantastic role to play, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to move into theatre.

Could you tell me a bit more about your character Romaine? Romaine is an electric character, such complexity. She has such magnificent power and is not afraid to use it.

What is it like performing in county hall? County Hall is so spectacular and enables the production to transcend the typical theatre experience.

What do you think it is about Agatha Christie’s stories that make for great stage productions? Agatha Christie’s genius writing and natural skill for entertainment within her stories ensures the audience is only ever left wanting more. 

For those who haven’t seen Witness for the Prosecution – what can they expect? Expect to be completely transported for the evening to a different era and leave feeling thoroughly entertained! 

By Emma Clarendon

Witness for the Prosecution continues to play at the London County  Hall.

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