Sexy, sassy and intricate, Tango Fire is a thrilling spectacle from start  to finish. 

Returning once more to London, Tango Fire is simply sublime to witness – not only is the dancing exciting but the the overall way in which it is all presented is highly mesmerising.

Having only the most basic knowledge of what an Argentine Tango actually is (courtesy of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing), Tango Fire fully proves just why dancing can be such a thrill to experience live. Helped by extremely experienced dancers, the show highlights the many different types of tango and how each style can reflect a different type of personality and relationship between partners.

Before watching the show, it would be extremely easy to assume that Tango Fire could easily become repetitive – but this is is certainly not the case, with each choreographed sequence showing plenty of flair and intent, all seamlessly put together to create a fluid and exciting show.

Created by German Cornejo and bringing together a wealth of tango talent (including former world tango champions), the show beautifully takes the audience on a tango journey from the playful and romantic piece El Cencerro, all the way through to more seductive and intoxicating La Cumparsita in the first act, while the second act concentrates more contemporary style that is particularly thrilling to watch.

While the first act is filled with intricate footwork and focus on the technique that is completely mesmerising to watch, it is the second act that takes the dancing to new levels Filled with lifts and spectacularly intricate movements that are beautiful to watch, Marcos Esteban Roberts and Louise Junqueira Malucelli’s stunningly beautiful Gallo Ciego is a particularly memorable sequence.

But while the duet pieces have plenty of flair and excitement, the group pieces choreographed by German Cornejo feel slightly more constrained given the more limited space with everyone on stage. But despite this, there is great timing and some memorable end results to be found in the group dances that captures the spirit of the dance as a whole.

It is a show that allows each couple’s own unique style to shine through, offering an overall lively experience that is helped by the music performed with great precision by the Quarteto Fuego. Each piece of music they perform reflects just how important the right music helps to make the dancing shine and is performed with great enthusiasm by all.

Everything about this production is strong and confidently brought to life, with each couple work in perfect harmony and every movement perfectly placed.

With plenty of drama and passion, watching Tango Fire will fill you with excitement and joy for this dance as well as leaving you breathless at all of the talent on display. It is sexy, exhilarating and exciting to watch. A thrilling spectacle.

By Emma Clarendon

Tango Fire continues to perform at the Peacock Theatre until the 16th  February. To book tickets click here.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


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