Review Round Up: DNA by Backstreet Boys

The band are back with a brand new album – but does it win over the  critics? “Even if 2019 Backstreet Boys don’t see a hit as huge as “I Want It That Way” or “Quit Playing Games (With My Heart),” it’s always been evident that they know their identity as a group no matter what year it is, and DNA declares that masterfully. The Backstreet Boys have become men – and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.”

Metro: *** “DNA is a solid piece of work but it gets no points for reading the room.”

Entertainment Focus: “DNA is the strongest album that Backstreet Boys have released since their classic 2000 release Black & Blue. They’ve really found their groove on this record and it sounds like they had a lot of fun making it.”

The Guardian: *** “well-manicured music that cannily plunders contemporary chart sounds and plonks a pitch-perfect harmony on them. Are they original? Not any more, but world domination awaits anyway.”

The Independent: ** “But mostly this standard boyband fare, reheated, and topped with modern pop sprinkles. It just feels so unnecessary.”

Immortal Reviews: “The fruits of experience are apparent in the Backstreet Boys’ new album DNA as they share a new sense of maturity and passion through their music. Their heartthrob days are over, but perhaps their music has never been more honest.”

The Young Folks: DNA can feel disjointed at times and not all of its ventures are fruitful, but the album displays Backstreet Boys stripped of all pretense and name recognition, fully leaning into their desire to explore new waters and expand their sound.”

Irish Times: *** “DNA is a mature presentation of what Backstreet Boys can do vocally but as one of the biggest boy bands in history, it’s just a fraction of what they’re capable of doing.”

The Times: **** “The Florida five-piece have emerged from post-boy band life with a surprising degree of dignity — and they can actually sing.”

The Arts Desk: *** “There is some great pop on DNA – mostly on the singles which bring to mind Backstreet Boys’ glory days. Of course, a band in its third decade will want to try a few new things, but it’s when they move away from what they’re good at that the album falters.”

DNA is available to buy and download now.

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