Review Round Up: Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams, Victoria & Albert Museum

The V&A’s first massive fashion exhibition of the year is now open to  the public. Here’s what critics have had to say about it… 

(c) Adrien Dirand.

The Observer: ***The V&A’s show is nothing if not replete: you’ve never seen so much silk satin, so many boned bodices and knife-edge pleats. Dior was a consummate professional and he could do it all (though, please, don’t come expecting trousers): the neatest suit (try the one of grey wool worn by Olivia de Havilland when she married in 1955); the most enviable black dress (oh, to own a frock as immaculate as the Nonette from 1950, with its priestly white cotton pique bib); an adorable evening gown (the Sonnet dress of 1952, in plum silk with bows at exactly the spot – the hips – where a man might place his hands and whirl you round).”

BBC: ***** “It is an unashamed celebration of Christian Dior’s joie de vivre.”

City AM: “Though the exhibition feels a little corporate at times, the longevity and dominance of the house of Dior over the last 50 years charts a uniquely fascinating journey into changing attitudes towards women’s bodies and cultural worth in fashion.”

The Independent: **** “This is an exhibition that centres unashamedly upon design, giving way to nothing that could steal the limelight.”

Evening Standard: **** “Dior’s golden age emerges as an era defined by true and pure freedom. As this exhibition makes perfectly clear, many have safeguarded Monsieur Dior’s fairytale but few have emulated it.”

Culture Whisper: ***** “ambitious set design beautifully showcases the couture as well as helping to define the narrative for the whole exhibition.”

Time Out: **** “If you’re looking for a one-word review of the V&A’s Christian Dior exhibition then here it is: fantasy. As spelled out by its own subtitle – ‘Designer of Dreams’ – this blockbuster showcase of a globally famous fashion label is about clothes and the imagination.”

The Telegraph: ***** “This is an exhibition to make you fall head over Vivier heels in love with the marvellous Monsieur Dior.” “This exhibition that will keep you transfixed even if you’re more into a Zara salethan haute couture (same). As ever, the V&A have put on a dazzling show.”  “this exhibit is PR at its finest: An awe-inspiring, show-stopping veritable Dior extravaganza.”

The Upcoming:**** “The V&A exhibition makes little reference to the sociocultural politics behind Dior’s success, and that’s a shame. However, what it does offer – sartorial history, visual spectacle and investigation into the creativity of clothing – is done beautifully. For lovers of fashion, this exhibition is a must.”

iNews: “It is a piece of total, transporting theatre: an experience as much as an exhibition.”

Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams is on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum until the 14th July.

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