Review Round Up: Cost of Living, Hampstead Theatre

Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews for Martyna Majok’s Cost of Living.

The Telegraph: *** “by a playwright who was born in Poland but raised in Jersey and Chicago – her story of struggle, recounted in the programme, and reflected in the play, is inspiring. Thirdly, it’s a play that sets disabled characters and able-bodied characters on an equal footing, with casting to match.”

The Times: **** “Pulitzer winner is compelling tale of need and isolation.”

The Guardian: **** “Fluently directed by Hall, it’s a play that argues, like John Donne, that no man or woman is an island entire of itself but a part of the main.”

The Stage: *** “But the point at which the two narrative strands dovetail feels awkward and forced”

The Independent: **** “Cost of Living is a rare combination of matter-of-fact candour and watchful empathetic insight – plaited qualities found in abundance in Edward Hall’s production”

Evening Standard: *** “Edward Hall’s production manages to afford each character an air of both dignity and dependency, even if it dwells too long on the most intimate moments.”

WhatsonStage: *** “what makes this spare and elegant production worth seeing, with its attractively snowy designs by Michael Pavelka, is the acting.”

Exeunt Magazine:  “Despite its overriding emphasis on economics, there’s a element to this play that’s actually about all the things money can’t buy. Like love, friendship, conversation and genuine care.”

Time Out: *** “it’s a play that prefers to drift elegantly rather than grab you by the throat.”

British Theatre Guide: “While the plotting lacks clarity, at its best Cost of Living gets right under the skin of its characters, showing the kind of sensitivity that could easily draw tears and fully deserves the highest of honours. It also features a heart-stopping stage moment as powerful as any in recent memory.”

The Metro: *** “Majok’s play deals, beautifully, in the quiet language of human intimacy, but struggles to find much resonance beyond that. Yet when it is special, it is very special indeed. Worth seeing.”

Cost of Living continues to play at the Hampstead Theatre until the 9th March.

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