Review Round Up: Superhoe, Royal Court Theatre

Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews for Nicôle Lecky’s Royal Court writing and performing debut.

The Guardian: *** “Though rarely surprising, it’s a simple story strongly told, asking important questions about what we teach young girls they are worth.”

The Telegraph: **** “it stands squarely in the tradition of Royal Court writing while being its own fresh thing: it expresses what it’s like to be young right now, the perennial promise, the particular pitfalls.”

WhatsOnStage: **** “Superhoe is a smart commentary about these dreams and the routes we may take to fulfil them, with a smashing performance from a talented writer.

Exeunt Magazine: “Superhoe is uncomplicated when it comes to plot, but far from that when it comes to Lecky’s feel for the detail of life as a woman, as a black woman, as a working class black woman, as a young person whose choices seem to keep being made for her. It visibly splits the Royal Court audience a little, as a Talawa show will maybe continue to do for a while. If painful fun exists, this is it.”

Time Out: *** “In trying to demonstrate all of her talents at once, Lecky over-exerts herself occasionally, but the ambition – and the results – are undeniably impressive.”

Evening Standard: **** “Directed by Jade Lewis with a sure sense of rhythm, Superhoe is smart, sweary, authentic and provocative.”

The Stage:**** “For a story of loneliness, isolation and entrapment, Superhoe is also beautiful and hopeful.”

Broadway World: ***** “Altogether, Superhoe is an engaging and hyper-provocative solo piece that shines a light on the perils new generations face, and Nicôle Lecky establishes herself as a multi-talented artist with more than one trick up her sleeve.”

The Times: *** “The delight of this play lies in the personality of Sasha, who is hilarious and vulnerable, smart and silly, a dreamer and a blagger.”

The Upcoming: *** “The best moments come when Lecky takes to the mic. These musical interludes – produced in collaboration with The Last Skeptik – are when Superhoe shakes off its some of its stale one-person-show trappings, providing flights of imagination that not only allow the actor to strut like Cardi and croon like Aaliyah but cause Jade Lewis’s staging to come alive.”

British Theatre Guide: “While Superhoe may not be a perfect piece of theatre, Nicôle Lecky shows great promise both as a writer and actor and might even have an alternative career on the cards as a rapper, on this occasion delivering songs that she co-composed with The Last Skeptik. She is definitely one to follow.”

The Reviews Hub: **** “Lecky has drawn the character so well that not only can we sympathise, almost empathise, with her but we can also nearly understand why she acts the way she does.”

Superhoe will continue to play at the Royal Court Theatre until the 16th February.

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