Review Round Up: All is True

Kenneth Branagh’s latest film focuses on the final year’s of  Shakespeare’s life. Here is what critics have had to say about it… 

The Independent: **** “Kenneth Branagh and Ben Elton might have played fast and loose with the truth, but they have created something bold and contemporary.”

Irish Times: **** “There has never before been an oddity quite like this agreeable film.”

Empire Online: *** “this is a contemplative drama, with more talking than conflict and regret rather than reproach.”

The Guardian: **** “All Is True is sentimental, theatrical, likable – and unfashionable.”

Variety: “This is not to say that Shakespeare was a saint, nor to suggest that it’s inappropriate to hold nasty men in history accountable for their transgressions, but so much of “All Is True” is based on idle speculation, Elton and Branagh would have had to tell a much better story for us to buy this malarkey.”

Hollywood Reporter: “A labor of love, to be sure, but a simple, small-scaled domestic drama with none of the broad appeal of the hugely popular Shakespeare in Love of 1998, All Is True is a thoroughly respectable Sony Classics pickup that will command the interest mostly of older-skewing art house habituees.”

The Telegraph: **** “All is True is a tongue-in-cheek title all the same, for a script which fills in factual gaps with its own blatant leaps of imagination: they’re just far more respectful and illuminating leaps.”

The Wrap: “It’s hard to say whether Branagh is concerned about getting things wrong, or of being disrespectful. But he never finds the freedom he’s unlocked so often in Shakespeare’s own works. His ambition is honorable, but without substance, it becomes merely the shadow of a dream.”

The Upcoming: *** “a beautiful reimagining of a time long past, exploring a potentially authentic emotional voyage upon which Shakespeare was a passenger in his later life. It’s unfortunate, however, that the tale doesn’t live long in the memory.”

All is True is out in cinemas now.

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